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Ah, so. Snagging the brief time I have now to post something.

Gosh I had been so busy working on Chroma I forgot everything else existed! Though I did take a long 4 day weekend off last week to catch up with some friends, being away for so long in Japan.

It's honestly great to be back in UK again, not that I didn't like Japan. But being the longest away so far (the longest time before this had only been 1 month), it gave me fresh nostalgia and appreciation for my home country. Naturally I'm fond of London, and being away from it was like leaving a part of myself behind. BUT anyhoo, I'm back. And thank the heavens the drug laws aren't so strict here. Time to smoke up the hash!

Which reminds me, actually, and I don't think I've written about it before here. But back when I was in Tokyo, on one of the last days I went back to the tattoo studio to finish up the last bit of my ink, and the owner had the ingenious method of storing his huge bag of hash in sealed food packets like his brownies and chips. Fuck, if only I thought of that sooner, because the chips he offered me were fucking amazing.

Drug laws in Japan are exceptionally strict - and being caught with even just a gram of hash can lead you to 3 years in prison. Pretty steep for something you could easily get away with in UK.


Ah, and for a little update on my project!

Yesterday! Holy shit! Chroma just got featured on the New and Noteworthy section on Tapastic, and I have to thank everyone for that as I believe that is rated by the number of views/comment/likes it received. So even if you just clicked the link once, it counts, and I'm so grateful for everyone's support no matter how little.

It's only week two in and Chroma is hitting off faster than I anticipated, which encourages me to work harder now to appease the readers.

I'd doodled some more Kastil and Seitz. Slashy implications? I no know.

But you can read the series over here!


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It's a fact now that whenever I get busy, I get busy and forget completely that I exist in this world.

Well, to summarize this past month, I've now returned home to UK. Had a little epiphany before that to restart a project I'd been meaning to resume since 2009.

I'm really bad at summaries in words. I'm gonna leave this promo here until I can find time to chatter about life again. Thanks!


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Friend: *lightly slaps arm, which is clearly, heavily tattooed* Oh I'm sorry, did that hurt?

Me: *looks at them slowly*
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Hello my next game. Hello nice soundtrack. And damn you trailers on YouTube showing me speeding Lambos and Ferraris!

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Gosh, I haven't been updating in a while. Life is really starting to catch up with my time. With my friend up here from Australia and the final exams approaching, I hadn't had much opportunity to relax. Alas, it's the weekend again, though with eight or so tests next week, I'm fully set to grind through my textbooks for the coming two days. But for now I'm gonna snag the free time I have now and just wind down...

Tonight, my Australian friends and I went out to have fugu (blowfish), which is supposedly very poisonous. I guess we were a bit tentative at first after seeing the reviews and the hype, but in the end we enjoyed it very much, and hadn't felt so much as our own buzz of anticipation. Admittedly, I had hoped for more of an effect, like the tingle on the lips or feeling high from the dash of poison. Though frankly, my brief light-headed sensation had likely come from the heat of the small room than the contents of the fish, as we were sitting around the stove. Granted, we did go to a chain branch called 'Torafugu', which is like McDonald's in the fugu cuisine industry (though hardly as cheap), and suspected that the meat wasn't the highest of quality and probably stripped of its poison. 

Christ, I really gotta start looking into booking my driving license test before I head back. And start sending those CVs out. As much as I enjoy it here, and the company I had made in the tattoo industry, I've yet to be convinced that Japan will be my final stop in where I'd want to settle for a full time career. I believe I gave off enough sentiment before that I miss the West, and I miss the liberalness and historical side of London. Japan has it's unique flare in the under workings of society, but it's still far too restrictive for casual thrills out and about. The drug laws are also very problematic on top of that, whereas they are slowly starting to legalize cannabis in parts of the States.

Yeah, Japan is far from my first choice to live. There are places I still want to explore around Europe, and Asia. Hong Kong is starting to look like a close second as I already have a citizenship, not to mention one of the most famous tattoo studios, Tattoo Temple, is located there. Still though, a bit far behind on the liberal aspect - and I don't quite fancy getting stared at and stopped all the time by the cops just because of my sleeve ink. Recent protests in Hong Kong had been inspirational though! I admire what they're doing, and hope soon that other conservative Asian countries start to follow their lead.

On a side note, here is a dazzling photo of the new Bruce Lee shirt Abigail got me for my birthday.

What a sweet heart, eh.
Dec. 6th, 2014 03:12 am


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Been busy this past week or so. Not much time to update let alone have the energy to sit down and type after I come back home. But, it's the weekend again, so I finally have a breather. This break won't last long though. Final exams are approaching - not that I'm much worried about that. I'm pretty confident with my ability, and have received largely top grades with a few exceptions.

Abigail is coming up from Australia next week, so I'll be looking forward to taking her round Tokyo for the few days she will be here before she moves on to other parts of Japan (lucky girl. I've been here much longer than her and hadn't the time to sight see outside of the city yet!)

Granted, I'd been choosing what little free time I had over the weekends recovering from the night boozes, classes, and recharging my social batteries. God, I miss the internet. I miss writing. I miss drawing. I even miss having a bash on games, but wary to get sucked into that again (not when I have shit to do.)

And fuck it. I miss England. I'd been missing London so much the past few days. I've stumbled across photos of snow covered London on Pinterest, of Oxford Street lit up with the annual Christmas decor, how I would be walking down that street every day to commute to university at this time...

I miss the Christmas market in South Bank and Leicester Square, I miss the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, I miss the taste of hot chocolate whilst sitting by a frosted window and a sketchbook on hand. I miss British-London Christmas more and more, greater yet that I missed the last one through university commitments and unfortunate situations, and knowing that I will miss this year too being so far away from everything I know. I'll have to try and make do with what I have here. As much as I like it here in Japan, their celebrations on Western holidays like Christmas are completely superficial and lacks the tradition. Christmas here is nothing but pretty lights and couples seeing each other like another Valentine's Day. 

I don't usually get nostalgia for small things as this, having never thought much of Christmas before. But at times like these, and going through a very rough and isolating past few years, I realize now how much I should cherish what I had, and how things that I had won't be there forever.
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Wrote that just minutes before it turns midnight here, when it will no longer be his birthday. Hah. Is it weird that I care more about his birthday than my own? (Edit: Oops. And I missed it anyway.)

So tired these days. Got to class late today because I slept in a bit. Last night I didn't get home until 2 am, having missed the last train after watching Interstellar. Took me an hour and a bit to walk home from Shibuya in the rain, which eerily reminds me of the time I watched Gravity back in London and having to take a long, contemplative walk back along the Thames after missing the last train...

Ah, the period after movies are a great time for introspection. So the walk did me good.

Although running on just 3 hours sleep prior to that for the whole day, I think I'd have preferred a late bus at least. Especially when it was raining. Nevertheless, a little memento of the event.

I'd honestly say more regarding the movie and it's aesthetic/scientific qualities, and how it ties in with my knowledge on the current theories in quantum physics. But that's far too overdone on the net, and I'm too exhausted now as I'd already discussed it with a few people (who graciously bombarded me with texts regarding it), so frankly I'm all talked out. Instead, I'll just quickly say here: it was a great movie of science fiction with excellent graphics as it's highlight, and a creative take on old, existing concepts.

Moving on from that!

A funny thing happened with me today. Walking back home, someone passed me this leaflet:

Image )

Which basically advertises the local English coffee lounge I pass every day, encouraging people to go and talk and learn English there with the staff. It was hilarious when I realized what it was. Clearly, the white dude thought I could do with English lessons. I didn't get time to back track as the leaflet was shoved in my face as I was rushing past before I could read it properly. I would've gone to him and asked if they had any places open for hire right there and then, but he had left before I could.

I never bothered to go into the venue before. 'English lounges' sounds fucking cheesy. Who knows though. I like meeting new people and I wouldn't mind teaching some English as a casual part-time. I guess I'll pop in next week to see.

Alright. I have more to say but I ramble so much. So I'm gonna sign off here. Good night everyone!
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No energy to blog properly today.... instead I'm spending my evening going gaga on Pinterest.

Also. Someone please drag me away from my Joker muse. Bastard has been dormant for 5 years and I rather it stay that way thank you, sir. 

(Doesn't mean I don't want to scratch the niggling itch.)

Fuck it. Now that I'm on the subject and lazily recovering in bed.

I'm really adverse to touching on old muses, especially as most of them had been unhealthy. I know that it's normal for a writer, actor, artist or whatever to get absorbed in their work from time to time. A lot of the work I had created comes with memories, some not so great and reflecting stages in my life I rather not think about.

These days I'm really content, so it's not a bother to me. But I'm piss scared whenever I start to gravitate back to these old memories, and either I succumb to or avoid it entirely, the latter being more likely.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I guess I'm just hoping someone else understands this attachment to muses and how much it can affect us, whether we like it or not.

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 I left this fic hanging for a very long time. I am ashamed I am very ashamed.

Someone give me an incentive for The Green Hornet. /screams
Nov. 25th, 2014 01:27 am


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 Teensy update here.

I now have a Pinterest. I find that it's a great place to find inspirational stuff without the drama in Tumblr. If anyone here has an account, feel free to add me.
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 Whew! What a weekend!

Went back to Shimokita to welcome Mike back after a month. Went to a newly opened izakaya that served great food and drinks. In fact, they even gave the smokers free cigarettes depending on the type of brand you smoke. (I'm also afraid to say that I failed to quit. But that won't stay for long as the cigs back in UK are too expensive to keep up the habit). After that, we hopped to a smaller bar in one of the quiet side streets. It was nice in that it was frog-themed, and the waitress, Kozue, was really cute and charismatic. Chatted with her for the while there, along with a nice young couple who came in next to us. Learned a bit of the Osaka dialect, ('めっちゃ... 愛してると?') which was hilarious judging from the Kyohe's reactions. Funny how men here can't take a simple sign of affection without responding like the girl is proposing to them.

I got back just after midnight, and crashed right away as I had the Disney trip early next morning. The trip itself was great. Went on all the big rides, my favorite ones being Journey to the Center of the Earth and Raging Spirits. The queues were as expected, fucking crazy, from 60 mins to 130 waiting time. The Christmas fireworks show was really disappointing, lasting a mere 3 mins with nothing spectacular. Even my local park in London did a way better job. This is my first time experiencing such a shit fireworks show of all my visits to previous Disney theme parks. Fireworks usually were the highlight of my visits. But eh, guess Japan isn't feeling the Christmas spirit as in the west.

Other than that. The rides were short, but a great experience. I still do prefer Orlando and Paris, and had been meaning to go back to Orlando because of the Harry Potter theme park. Maybe one day...

Ah and apparently we had a severe earthquake on Saturday night, 10pm, when I was still at Disney Sea. I did not realize it was an earthquake until I got home when I got texts from people asking if I was okay. I looked it up on the news, and at the exact time I recalled feeling motion sick, but assumed it was from my exhaustion. In fact, I realize now it was the slight tremor from the quake that happened at Nagano. It was so small that I didn't pick up on it though. But it was a 6.2 magnitude, so it was quite notable. Did quite a bit of damage on site.

I've been lucky so far in that we hadn't experienced something as big as that yet. Let's hope it stays that way!
Nov. 21st, 2014 04:05 am


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Oops. Got tagged by [personal profile] serys

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
I tag: I do not know enough people on DW. So whoever on my mutual list who has not done this yet, I tag you.

1. In total right now, I have 8 tattoos. A crow on my arm, a weird collage of roses/skulls/moths on my other arm, a capsule on my wrist, two black crosses on my chest, two skulls on my back, and the most recent one I have shown on my journal of the brushwork Japanese snake on my leg. I'm also pierced up, less so than before as some got rejected (sob, my favourite eyebrow piercings). But now I currently have my tongue, nipples, genital, ears, and snakebites.

2. I am an INTP. Sometimes I get mistaken as an ENTP by people I talk to. I can't get on well with extreme introverts, and I can't get on obnoxiously loud extroverts. Finding people who share interests and hobbies of mine, in both introvert and of extrovert nature is very difficult. I can't find myself satisfied with most people.

3. The people who inspire me, who I aspire to and/or relate to most are:
Artists: Andree Wallin, Dan Lu Visi, Jonas De Ro, Seung Eun Kim, Kekai Kotaki, Shilin
Intellectuals: Albert Einstein, Michio Kaku, Bruce Lee
Creators: Hayao Miyazaki, George Lucas, J.R.R. Tolkien, Katsuhiro Otomo

4. I had several successful online graphic novels running back in the day, to the point where I had publishing offers. However, I procrastinate so badly I let the opportunity slide. As with many others. I haven't given up on it yet. It's simply on hiatus.

5. My favourite field in Science is quantum physics. I have several books and magazines on them. I had even written my own theory that combined the string, M, dark matter, dark energy, the Big Bang, the theory of relativity and black holes. I have no idea where to take this yet, but for now, I think I'll just incorporate into my future writings.

6. I have many ambitions. A few I have achieved already, some others I'm in the process of achieving it. The others, I do not have time for. They are, in no particular order: publish my work, start my own indie company on gaming/animation/graphic novels/films, work in NASA, work in CERN, own a motorcycle, have my own tattoo studio, find a comfortable place working as an actor, play the guitar and drums, learn how to parkour and freerun like a pro.

7. My goal in life is to inspire others as others inspire me. I ultimately see humanity as one functioning system, not as individual people. Everything I work for will be for a meaning for us as a whole, and is in a way, selfless, or so I hope it will be. For this, I live in a world of probabilities, theories, function, and reason.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." - Albert Einstein
Nov. 21st, 2014 02:48 am

Oo la la

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Talking with too many Italianos lately. Oo la la. Blogging at nearly 4am in the morning, again?? Oo la fucking la.

If there is a way to turn platonic friends off from hitting on you, then please fucking tell me. I'm getting so annoyed with it happening so much and I'm not even trying to appeal or come off like I'm flirting. And when I reject them, they get butthurt and the friendship falls apart. Or I endure the weird glances here and there. Granted, I wouldn't turn down a cutey with the sweetest curves and probably splurge my cash on her if she asked, but -- a friend circle? Needs to stay as a friend circle. No matter how attractive the people. Period.

Or maybe that is a bit biased of me as I didn't come here to mate. I came here to fucking learn shit, network for jobs and pursue my ambitions. And the last thing I want is my work space to be awkward because some people can't keep to themselves.


More venting )
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It's 5am and I just found out Takakura Ken died through the feed on Instagram. Feel so gutted. Too soon.

I'd say more, but I'm supposed to be asleep. I loved his movies so much, seeing him first in my favorite Ridley Scott movie Black Rain. He was famous for his roles in yakuza movies and was an icon in cult films.

RIP. You will be missed, Takakura-san.
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 Here is a little peaky of the calf ink:

Just thought I should update briefly. /Runs off to rewatch Heavy Rain playthroughs like a pussy
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Managed to do up to 90% of the tattoo last night. Only the head is left to go, left to the final session in December. So far it has taken 7 or so hours, albeit yesterday's session taking a little longer than usual as Kenny was being chatty with Chikuru. Otherwise, it was mostly pain-free, in terms of it not being 3 solid hours of me gritting through it and clenching the chair. There were some parts where the pain starts to shoot through, that being near the nerve bundle at the back of the knee and along the shin. The skin is stretched thin over the bony areas, and the needle jams right into it, making you feel the vibrations thrumming through your pelvis.

It was nothing to compare to the first session though. Line work is always the worst as the needles used are few so the pressure applied is stronger, as opposed to the 9 shader. Yesterday went like a breeze in comparison, even though it dragged on longer.

Now it's swollen as fuck, not to mention it blistering with pain whenever I stand. Hah.

In other damn news. Something I should have noticed long before finally hit me. Went to brush my teeth this morning, picked up my toothpaste left on the shelf to find that it is --- almost empty.

Fucking assholes.

The past few weeks I had the feeling my toothpaste was going down quicker than usual. It's nothing new that flatmates like to use each other's stuff behind their backs, and this is far from the first time that happened, but for fuck's sake! After realizing in horror the absence of a should-be-half-full toothpaste container, I rushed to the shower room to check my shampoo which I only bought two weeks ago. I never checked or lifted it to measure the contents as it's one of those pump out containers, and what did you know? A full 430 grams of shampoo almost fucking gone with my own usage of it only counting up to probably 8 times since.

Here I am buying shit and people had been sucking it up dry. Hygiene products aren't exactly cheap, you fucktards.

It's kinda embarrassing admitting this as I'm hardly new to sharing flats, and should had known better. I guess I just didn't expect it to happen here, and was too caught up with all the bottles piling up around the bathroom that I assumed everyone had their own stuff.

I took all my stuff away and keep it in my room now. Can't point the finger to anyone, and can't prove who used it. But fuck it. I don't care to pursue this. I'll send an email out, maybe. But I'm due to get out soon and the hassle isn't worth it. I doubted that I would've finished all the body wash and shampoo before I leave anyway, and was planning to leave it for the others to use when I go. But hey - looks like most of the job is done already, and now I gotta buy a new fucking set. Whoop dee doo.

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Haven't managed to draw my own stuff in a long time. But I finished some commissions today, and since I'm on a drawing spree, started this for Chroma. Some WIP before I head to bed. Getting my calf tattoo finished in a few hours and I need the sleep otherwise I'll be truly and utterly fucked by pain.

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I shock even myself sometimes how much I eat when given the chance. It isn't necessarily a bad thing as I need to eat to gain weight, and carbs are the best for my body type as an ectomorph. But my body must be like wtf right now because I go through monthly bouts of no food to extreme pig outs. And once I start these pig outs, I get so used to the regular (probably normal) amount of intake than usual, and then it starts making me hungrier and hungrier in shorter times. I have no idea why I'm complaining. Maybe I'm just not used to being actually 'hungry' within a few hours after eating and it gets annoying. Though I'm actually glad I'm finally eating enough and that I'm starting to retain some of the weight gained from it.

In other news, I'm glad the week is done and the three tests. I think I did pretty well in the last one, so I deserve the break. Friday after class was great. My friend introduced me to a great ramen restaurant downtown. Then after that we went to Hooters to wind down with drinks and ogle at some booty. 

Now I have to get back to commissions to subsidise the activities this month. I updated my deviantART after many months of absence, and was glad to see one of my idols favouriting my piece. Which reminds me - I have to step up my game and start getting back to my original plots, work on my portfolio, and actually start the damn project.

There are several pieces I had left hanging and wanted to still finish. As well as getting back into 3D modelling. Shit, I miss modelling so much, but I lost the license for 3D Max as I'm no longer a student. I'd been meaning to design a cockpit and vehicles for Chroma, and reckon it'll be easier to draw if I model it first, so I can rotate it to see the different perspectives.


Who misses big fat killer tiger tanks? ME.

I'm still failing on projecting high poly models to low poly. That was the only part of the assignment I fucking failed. Texture I nailed down otherwise. If someone knows how to project high poly models properly, please tell me. I tried it and the end result was just an exploded piece of shit.

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Trying to study hard tonight.

I really sucked at the last test.

I can't concentrate to save my life though. So I blog vent and procrastinate.

You wanna know a recent rude awakening I had? Waking up to an earthquake. A small one, but nonetheless waking me up before my alarm and I was admittedly pissed off as I didn't get enough sleep. But it reminded me to perhaps put my delicate devices closer to ground level in case they fall the next time.

Also, just to put this on record, I found this amazing indie produced movie short for The Green Hornet a few weeks ago, which totally stumps Seth Rogen's piece of shit. The fight choreography is pretty tight, believable, and packs a punch. Just as the duo should be represented (not like the bumbling idiot that Rogen played for the Hornet). What I love most about it though is the sinister tone, drawing a bit of Nolan's style, keeping the classic touch from the TV series from the 60s and yet adding a modern twist.

Which made me wish that Nolan took The Green Hornet project instead, with the result turning out much more appealing, giving the story a realistic, gritty feel like TDK trilogies. I mean, The Green Hornet '66 already collaborated with the Batman show back in the day, so just imagine how a Nolan, modern-esque version of that would be like...  I can only dream.

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Hmm. Seems like I'm posting about food and my night outs lately. Guess I haven't had as much as time as I wanted to do some of my own thinking, and instead, talking about my day to day life.

Well anyway, today's class was considerably boring. Perhaps it was because it was easy. Either way, afterwards, I had another nice night out. Broke my record of a week and a bit not smoking, but I managed to not buy another pack of cigarettes today. Had a glass of beer though, but once in a while can't hurt, right?

I was down in Shibuya with a bunch of people I haven't met before, invited by one whom I invited to one of our own nights out. I only knew two people there, and it was a leaving party for a chick in their class. Settled in fine, and found a cozy Korean BBQ restaurant. After that, started drinking games of truth and dare. Obviously an onslaught of sex related questions followed.

It was hella awkward when they questioned about the 'American guy' who suddenly went from charismatic to arrogantly quiet as he'd usually hang out at the front of the school. Only after I rejected him, he took a total 180 and starts to fuck off early. Which is fine, I don't need him around. But it sure makes me uneasy whenever someone brings him up. Only Luca knows of what happened, and he managed to keep his mouth shut. Bless him.

Here's the food we had, anyhow!

On another note, Kenny invited me to be his exhibit for his live tattoo showcase next Friday. Since he's still working on the snake on my calf, and I'm due to complete it soon. Unfortunately, the date clashed with my welcoming party for Mike, so I had to turn it down. I'm not sure if I'd be keen on getting tattooed in front of many people though, especially at the calf area where it stings like crap, especially near the ankle and the nerve bundle behind the knees. It's enough that I'm gritting through it alone. So I rearranged the date to this Sunday instead.

I'm a tad nervous as I haven't scraped up the remaining cash for him. The last commission I did paid for my phone bills, which I had intended for the tattoo. Ahh, gotta work harder on the commissions before Sunday. Gambare, ne.

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