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 ... Are actually decently priced than what I initially saw.

A pack of three apples in the convenience store was a tad more expensive than the pack of four in the supermarket. I've heard that the morning farmer's market from 7-8am sells the cheapest fruits, but where exactly is the closest one I've yet to discover.

Still though, walking out and about and popping into these side shops, there is a severe lack of on-the-go fruit salads and healthy snacks. The sandwiches are mostly (if not all) white bread with mayonnaise and meat. As much as that is nice as a sweet snack, I'm starting to miss the whole grain selection with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The egg and chicken sandwiches makes for great post and pre-work out meal.

It's no wonder I'm putting on weight easier here. Most things on sale seemed to be sweetened and refined products, and the very few organic produce are tucked away in some secluded health store which are twice the price than they should be.

It doesn't help that it's almost impossible for me to get any decent work out here. I can't go to the gym or the pool due to my tattoos, and rolling up the long sleeves or wearing a sport shirt is out of the question as that will also reveal the tattoos. The only thing I can do is hire a bicycle and ride that. Another thing that irks me is that it is considered inappropriate to eat/drink/smoke while walking. Surely someone bustling to places could spare a swing of their water bottle on a hot day?

Hoo haa. I can't complain too much though. I'm enjoying the walks I have daily. The highlight of my trip so far is heading down the side roads into the quiet residential areas. The cicadas are dying down, but it's always so refreshing to be away from the busy streets.

Jesus I need to fix my sleeping pattern. It's 5 am and I'm due to head out by half 7, and probably won't get home until night. Haha I'm fucked.

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