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Trying to study hard tonight.

I really sucked at the last test.

I can't concentrate to save my life though. So I blog vent and procrastinate.

You wanna know a recent rude awakening I had? Waking up to an earthquake. A small one, but nonetheless waking me up before my alarm and I was admittedly pissed off as I didn't get enough sleep. But it reminded me to perhaps put my delicate devices closer to ground level in case they fall the next time.

Also, just to put this on record, I found this amazing indie produced movie short for The Green Hornet a few weeks ago, which totally stumps Seth Rogen's piece of shit. The fight choreography is pretty tight, believable, and packs a punch. Just as the duo should be represented (not like the bumbling idiot that Rogen played for the Hornet). What I love most about it though is the sinister tone, drawing a bit of Nolan's style, keeping the classic touch from the TV series from the 60s and yet adding a modern twist.

Which made me wish that Nolan took The Green Hornet project instead, with the result turning out much more appealing, giving the story a realistic, gritty feel like TDK trilogies. I mean, The Green Hornet '66 already collaborated with the Batman show back in the day, so just imagine how a Nolan, modern-esque version of that would be like...  I can only dream.

Date: 2014-11-13 04:39 pm (UTC)

serys: (~ the girl with the ghost)
From: [personal profile] serys
I never felt an earthquake before. No, wait, that's a lie, I did feel one, but it was so light, I actually thought it was my imagination...until I heard it on the news. I don't remember the number, but it was really low. Anyway, I did witness a tornado! Lol. Left me awestruck and's kind of wonderful how beautiful and destructive nature can be sometimes...wonderful, and freaking terrifying.
Date: 2014-11-13 05:04 pm (UTC)

serys: (~ winter's spell)
From: [personal profile] serys
Rofl. Yes, a wobbly bed does make for intense sex. Nothing like getting banged with the ever growing fear of the house falling on ya both.

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