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 Whew! What a weekend!

Went back to Shimokita to welcome Mike back after a month. Went to a newly opened izakaya that served great food and drinks. In fact, they even gave the smokers free cigarettes depending on the type of brand you smoke. (I'm also afraid to say that I failed to quit. But that won't stay for long as the cigs back in UK are too expensive to keep up the habit). After that, we hopped to a smaller bar in one of the quiet side streets. It was nice in that it was frog-themed, and the waitress, Kozue, was really cute and charismatic. Chatted with her for the while there, along with a nice young couple who came in next to us. Learned a bit of the Osaka dialect, ('めっちゃ... 愛してると?') which was hilarious judging from the Kyohe's reactions. Funny how men here can't take a simple sign of affection without responding like the girl is proposing to them.

I got back just after midnight, and crashed right away as I had the Disney trip early next morning. The trip itself was great. Went on all the big rides, my favorite ones being Journey to the Center of the Earth and Raging Spirits. The queues were as expected, fucking crazy, from 60 mins to 130 waiting time. The Christmas fireworks show was really disappointing, lasting a mere 3 mins with nothing spectacular. Even my local park in London did a way better job. This is my first time experiencing such a shit fireworks show of all my visits to previous Disney theme parks. Fireworks usually were the highlight of my visits. But eh, guess Japan isn't feeling the Christmas spirit as in the west.

Other than that. The rides were short, but a great experience. I still do prefer Orlando and Paris, and had been meaning to go back to Orlando because of the Harry Potter theme park. Maybe one day...

Ah and apparently we had a severe earthquake on Saturday night, 10pm, when I was still at Disney Sea. I did not realize it was an earthquake until I got home when I got texts from people asking if I was okay. I looked it up on the news, and at the exact time I recalled feeling motion sick, but assumed it was from my exhaustion. In fact, I realize now it was the slight tremor from the quake that happened at Nagano. It was so small that I didn't pick up on it though. But it was a 6.2 magnitude, so it was quite notable. Did quite a bit of damage on site.

I've been lucky so far in that we hadn't experienced something as big as that yet. Let's hope it stays that way!
Date: 2014-11-24 01:50 am (UTC)

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Wow, that sounds like a really fun weekend. It sounds like the culture difference is an interesting experience.

Sorry the fireworks were disappointing. That's surprising because Disney is usually all about being over the top.

You know, I live two hours from Orlando and I hardly go to Disney. But I am planning a trip to Typhoon Lagoon.

Oh dear, glad you missed the earthquake and I hope nobody was injured.

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