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Ah, so. Snagging the brief time I have now to post something.

Gosh I had been so busy working on Chroma I forgot everything else existed! Though I did take a long 4 day weekend off last week to catch up with some friends, being away for so long in Japan.

It's honestly great to be back in UK again, not that I didn't like Japan. But being the longest away so far (the longest time before this had only been 1 month), it gave me fresh nostalgia and appreciation for my home country. Naturally I'm fond of London, and being away from it was like leaving a part of myself behind. BUT anyhoo, I'm back. And thank the heavens the drug laws aren't so strict here. Time to smoke up the hash!

Which reminds me, actually, and I don't think I've written about it before here. But back when I was in Tokyo, on one of the last days I went back to the tattoo studio to finish up the last bit of my ink, and the owner had the ingenious method of storing his huge bag of hash in sealed food packets like his brownies and chips. Fuck, if only I thought of that sooner, because the chips he offered me were fucking amazing.

Drug laws in Japan are exceptionally strict - and being caught with even just a gram of hash can lead you to 3 years in prison. Pretty steep for something you could easily get away with in UK.


Ah, and for a little update on my project!

Yesterday! Holy shit! Chroma just got featured on the New and Noteworthy section on Tapastic, and I have to thank everyone for that as I believe that is rated by the number of views/comment/likes it received. So even if you just clicked the link once, it counts, and I'm so grateful for everyone's support no matter how little.

It's only week two in and Chroma is hitting off faster than I anticipated, which encourages me to work harder now to appease the readers.

I'd doodled some more Kastil and Seitz. Slashy implications? I no know.

But you can read the series over here!


Date: 2015-01-25 01:20 am (UTC)

serys: (~ kidd)
From: [personal profile] serys's been a very long time since I heard the word hash referring to drugs.

anyway, I am very excited to hear that Chroma is getting around! Your art is pretty amazing, a style that I really appreciate. This is something that should get a lot of attention and I'm glad that it's happening. Now get TA WORKIN' IT. :O

Also... that image is really *ahem* great. Why are you makin' Kastil even more sexy? Lol I hope to read/see more from this.
Date: 2015-01-25 08:30 pm (UTC)

omnipotent: (What if sitting down at the bar)
From: [personal profile] omnipotent
Dude, that's pretty clever to hide your puff-puff in food packets. I've been reading about some of the Asian countries I'd like to visit, like Thailand, and man, their drug laws are super stringent. It makes me wonder how some of those countries still manage to have an active drug trade. Then again, the US is pretty strict about drugs, and even though I'm not into drugs, I know, or know somebody who does know, ways to get just about any drug I could ever care to try.

Glad you arrived safely back in the UK.

Congratulations on getting featured! I'm digging this picture, slashy implications and all. Your work is very good, I really like your style.

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