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Friday night was great for the most part. Had a trip out to Asakusa with the school. We visited the temple and tried out luck with the o-mikuji for the fuck of it. Of course I got one of the worst of luck. Tied up that bugger up and hope these nonsensical voodoo bad luck spirits won't follow me around. If anyone really believes in that.

Then we ended it with some great nabe. Aside from the awkward as fuck stares Leslie keeps giving me (and I'm surprised he even came out today seeing as he missed class on Thursday), the day was great, and it was great without me downing a pint.

I'm trying to quit smoking (again) and dropping the nightly drinks, not only for health reasons, but to save me having to go out front every lunch break to hang out in the smoking area with that bastard, and also to save my wallet! Cigarettes are ridiculously cheap here, not costing more than ¥420, whereas in London you're looking at quadruple the price, so the temptation to keep smoking hangs thickly every time I pass the conbini. But no, no I need to really start stepping the fuck up. Due to the limited opportunities around me, I've been making use of my room for my weight reps and stretching. I'd prefer more space, but this is honestly all I can do for now.

I've got so many commissions to do, and I have three tests next week. I'm still pissed off that Interstellar has such a delayed release date, but I've arranged an outing on the 26th to see it in IMAX, which would be on a Wednesday where tickets are cheaper. The weekend before that too we'll be heading to Disney Sea. A lot of exciting things happening this month, so I can't complain about all the work I'm due to submit.

I've also noticed a rise of The Green Hornet cosplayers, at least on the Tumblr tags. In the recent cons, some people had been cosplaying the 1966 TV version. I only hope that I'll be able to find a Hornet cosplayer when I do Kato next year in May. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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 I'm so pissed off right now.

At both a friend and myself.

I had not slept at all last night due to whacked up sleeping schedule over the long weekend and the early appointment to the immigration office, after that, going to class and had not returned home until just an hour ago. I'm riding on a lack of sleep, on top of the pints and the events that unfurled tonight.

I was out late drinking as usual with a couple of classmates, and I could not believe that I did not see it coming sooner. My best pal in class asked me and one other out for drinks today, which started out great. We left the pub pretty early and I was set to go home and sleep, then my friend insisted that I hang out with him, to which I responded to obliviously that we were hanging out. He looks at me incredulously, laughs, and says 'are you for real?', 'seriously?' Seriously what? I kept asking. I was so confused. It didn't hit me until 5 awkward minutes later in standing in the middle of Shibuya with him trying to hint at me that he liked me.

It came out of the fucking blue and it honestly slapped me in the face. But now thinking back at his behavior the part few weeks - I am starting to see it. But the question still remains as to why. Honest to god, he's the straightest guy you can imagine, and never shown any indication of interest, at least from my view. I was stupid and unsure enough to accept his request to get another drink together in hopes to explain things a little, sitting down awkwardly with him as he bought another round of beers.

I was still trying to get my head around it, connecting the dots as to why he seemed so quiet the previous week, when usually he is the life and soul of the class, to suddenly show hesitance and fall uncharacteristically silent. When I asked him back then if he was okay, he brushed me off with the vague comment of things not doing well at home. Who would've guessed otherwise. Turns out as I found out today, he was apparently struggling with his feelings for a 'flatmate' and for myself. He then admitted tonight that he'd given up on this 'flatmate', saying he had no more distractions. At this point my mind was blown, I didn't know what to say. So I just shook my head, laugh awkwardly, and he laughs back.

Then he asks me to sit next to him, at which point I finally got it, and said straight up to him that I was not interested. I swear to god, he was so close to crying. I felt bad, but I felt fucking furious too. Leslie you fucking douchebag. You fucked it all up for us for the rest of the term. Just cuz I like to banter and play fight with you all doesn't mean I'm interested. Sure, I'm open as fuck most of the time, but to make someone interpret that as flirting must've taken some serious miscommunication.

If I'd seen this much sooner I'd have worked hard to prevent it, and usually these things don't pass me by at all. I'm fucking pissed off now that my daily class is going to have the awkward stretch. A silent, depressed Leslie like he was last week will honestly make a big impact on the class seeing as he is the most charismatic and outspoken there. 

Fuck you Leslie, man. Fuck my obliviousness too. I haven't done my homework or chores yet but I'm too tired and angry as fuck to do anything tonight.
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 ... Are actually decently priced than what I initially saw.

A pack of three apples in the convenience store was a tad more expensive than the pack of four in the supermarket. I've heard that the morning farmer's market from 7-8am sells the cheapest fruits, but where exactly is the closest one I've yet to discover.

Still though, walking out and about and popping into these side shops, there is a severe lack of on-the-go fruit salads and healthy snacks. The sandwiches are mostly (if not all) white bread with mayonnaise and meat. As much as that is nice as a sweet snack, I'm starting to miss the whole grain selection with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The egg and chicken sandwiches makes for great post and pre-work out meal.

It's no wonder I'm putting on weight easier here. Most things on sale seemed to be sweetened and refined products, and the very few organic produce are tucked away in some secluded health store which are twice the price than they should be.

It doesn't help that it's almost impossible for me to get any decent work out here. I can't go to the gym or the pool due to my tattoos, and rolling up the long sleeves or wearing a sport shirt is out of the question as that will also reveal the tattoos. The only thing I can do is hire a bicycle and ride that. Another thing that irks me is that it is considered inappropriate to eat/drink/smoke while walking. Surely someone bustling to places could spare a swing of their water bottle on a hot day?

Hoo haa. I can't complain too much though. I'm enjoying the walks I have daily. The highlight of my trip so far is heading down the side roads into the quiet residential areas. The cicadas are dying down, but it's always so refreshing to be away from the busy streets.

Jesus I need to fix my sleeping pattern. It's 5 am and I'm due to head out by half 7, and probably won't get home until night. Haha I'm fucked.
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Halloween hadn't been very eventful for me as I neglected getting a costume. I was intending to do Kato from the Green Hornet, but I did not anticipate to celebrate Halloween this year. Regardless, Shibuya was packed on my way back home Friday night. A friend offered to take me down to Donkihote to get some last minute 'cheap' costume, and not so surprisingly, the 'cheap' costumes (by 'cheap', I mean a whopping ¥9000) were tacky, and everyone was wearing them anyway.

With this little opportunity passed, I'm actually quite glad to say that I did not fall into peer pressure to buy something so expensive for just one or two days. I'm saving up for materials for Kato's costume to bring to the expo next year. I'm so out of loop with the expo and general nerdy community, but every now and then I get this urge to brush the dust off my inner geek.

The last few times I was at the expo though, I got tired and bored very quick, with kids these days getting more inane and borderline intolerable...

Gah I don't mean to sound like such a bum. The expo was great once, more enjoyable when I was younger.

Anyway, I was down at Shinjuku today, and bumped into some of these gorgeous gems.


Goddamn! I was reluctant to buy them because I was (am) hoping to find a cheaper deal online. For real though, I was so tempted! Who would've thought Bruce Lee would still be around in the shops 40 years later! (That is a stupid question. Of course he would be. He is a legend immortalized all round the world.)

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Settling in great here in Sangejaya. I've been meeting some very interesting people, not to mention a great new tattoo I'm in the process of getting done. I've felt some weight lift off my shoulders since taking a break, departing from England to try out new things. I miss London terribly, but it won't be too long until I'm back again, so I'm relishing every day I'm having here in Tokyo.

I find that I'm eating much more now that I'm abroad, with access to much cheaper food. Here you can grab a ready cooked meal for £2-ish, whereas in London, you're looking at twice that price, if not slightly more, for more or less the same thing. So I think I am putting on some weight, which is great, I didn't think it was even possible to do so before. But I've noticed myself getting a little bigger, but I'm still skinny as fuck and that needs to be sorted. Luckily the diet here consists mostly of starch and meaty products. I should start looking into daily training routines to hone this extra weight I'm getting.

Getting really into Bruce Lee stuff lately. That has partially inspired me to retake kung fu, though the classes are ridiculously expensive still, I'm considering self taught as I have with most other things.

All in all, I'm feeling quite well. Haven't had much time to sit down at a laptop, but I'm snagging the moment I have now and to catch up with the things I had missed. Nightmares are sporadic and infrequent, though I had experienced a small rise just last week. Perhaps triggered by my visit to my friend's medical school, Teikyo University, which was fascinating in itself. But there was so much exposure to medical equipment and emergency training that -- well, it reminded me of a lot of things.

However, that was last week's news. This week I can happily say, no nightmares. I'm moving on.

And as for the tattoo in progress, have a little lookie at this!

Proper excited to get this completed. So far this has taken 3 and a bit hours (approx). Just another 2-3 to go to fill in the shape with solid black. It's a Japanese brushwork snake done by my friend, Horisano. 

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Okay, it seems that Dreamwidth is indeed much more active than Livejournal, and it took me three quarters or so of a decade to realize this. In that case, I guess I'll repost some recent entries from my LJ just to... 'ease' the transition.


HOKAY! Hello to my new journal!
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With all these black themes, I'm seriously going to start confusing LJ with Dreamwidth...

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