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Gosh, I haven't been updating in a while. Life is really starting to catch up with my time. With my friend up here from Australia and the final exams approaching, I hadn't had much opportunity to relax. Alas, it's the weekend again, though with eight or so tests next week, I'm fully set to grind through my textbooks for the coming two days. But for now I'm gonna snag the free time I have now and just wind down...

Tonight, my Australian friends and I went out to have fugu (blowfish), which is supposedly very poisonous. I guess we were a bit tentative at first after seeing the reviews and the hype, but in the end we enjoyed it very much, and hadn't felt so much as our own buzz of anticipation. Admittedly, I had hoped for more of an effect, like the tingle on the lips or feeling high from the dash of poison. Though frankly, my brief light-headed sensation had likely come from the heat of the small room than the contents of the fish, as we were sitting around the stove. Granted, we did go to a chain branch called 'Torafugu', which is like McDonald's in the fugu cuisine industry (though hardly as cheap), and suspected that the meat wasn't the highest of quality and probably stripped of its poison. 

Christ, I really gotta start looking into booking my driving license test before I head back. And start sending those CVs out. As much as I enjoy it here, and the company I had made in the tattoo industry, I've yet to be convinced that Japan will be my final stop in where I'd want to settle for a full time career. I believe I gave off enough sentiment before that I miss the West, and I miss the liberalness and historical side of London. Japan has it's unique flare in the under workings of society, but it's still far too restrictive for casual thrills out and about. The drug laws are also very problematic on top of that, whereas they are slowly starting to legalize cannabis in parts of the States.

Yeah, Japan is far from my first choice to live. There are places I still want to explore around Europe, and Asia. Hong Kong is starting to look like a close second as I already have a citizenship, not to mention one of the most famous tattoo studios, Tattoo Temple, is located there. Still though, a bit far behind on the liberal aspect - and I don't quite fancy getting stared at and stopped all the time by the cops just because of my sleeve ink. Recent protests in Hong Kong had been inspirational though! I admire what they're doing, and hope soon that other conservative Asian countries start to follow their lead.

On a side note, here is a dazzling photo of the new Bruce Lee shirt Abigail got me for my birthday.

What a sweet heart, eh.
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Halloween hadn't been very eventful for me as I neglected getting a costume. I was intending to do Kato from the Green Hornet, but I did not anticipate to celebrate Halloween this year. Regardless, Shibuya was packed on my way back home Friday night. A friend offered to take me down to Donkihote to get some last minute 'cheap' costume, and not so surprisingly, the 'cheap' costumes (by 'cheap', I mean a whopping ¥9000) were tacky, and everyone was wearing them anyway.

With this little opportunity passed, I'm actually quite glad to say that I did not fall into peer pressure to buy something so expensive for just one or two days. I'm saving up for materials for Kato's costume to bring to the expo next year. I'm so out of loop with the expo and general nerdy community, but every now and then I get this urge to brush the dust off my inner geek.

The last few times I was at the expo though, I got tired and bored very quick, with kids these days getting more inane and borderline intolerable...

Gah I don't mean to sound like such a bum. The expo was great once, more enjoyable when I was younger.

Anyway, I was down at Shinjuku today, and bumped into some of these gorgeous gems.


Goddamn! I was reluctant to buy them because I was (am) hoping to find a cheaper deal online. For real though, I was so tempted! Who would've thought Bruce Lee would still be around in the shops 40 years later! (That is a stupid question. Of course he would be. He is a legend immortalized all round the world.)

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Settling in great here in Sangejaya. I've been meeting some very interesting people, not to mention a great new tattoo I'm in the process of getting done. I've felt some weight lift off my shoulders since taking a break, departing from England to try out new things. I miss London terribly, but it won't be too long until I'm back again, so I'm relishing every day I'm having here in Tokyo.

I find that I'm eating much more now that I'm abroad, with access to much cheaper food. Here you can grab a ready cooked meal for £2-ish, whereas in London, you're looking at twice that price, if not slightly more, for more or less the same thing. So I think I am putting on some weight, which is great, I didn't think it was even possible to do so before. But I've noticed myself getting a little bigger, but I'm still skinny as fuck and that needs to be sorted. Luckily the diet here consists mostly of starch and meaty products. I should start looking into daily training routines to hone this extra weight I'm getting.

Getting really into Bruce Lee stuff lately. That has partially inspired me to retake kung fu, though the classes are ridiculously expensive still, I'm considering self taught as I have with most other things.

All in all, I'm feeling quite well. Haven't had much time to sit down at a laptop, but I'm snagging the moment I have now and to catch up with the things I had missed. Nightmares are sporadic and infrequent, though I had experienced a small rise just last week. Perhaps triggered by my visit to my friend's medical school, Teikyo University, which was fascinating in itself. But there was so much exposure to medical equipment and emergency training that -- well, it reminded me of a lot of things.

However, that was last week's news. This week I can happily say, no nightmares. I'm moving on.

And as for the tattoo in progress, have a little lookie at this!

Proper excited to get this completed. So far this has taken 3 and a bit hours (approx). Just another 2-3 to go to fill in the shape with solid black. It's a Japanese brushwork snake done by my friend, Horisano. 

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