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Wrote that just minutes before it turns midnight here, when it will no longer be his birthday. Hah. Is it weird that I care more about his birthday than my own? (Edit: Oops. And I missed it anyway.)

So tired these days. Got to class late today because I slept in a bit. Last night I didn't get home until 2 am, having missed the last train after watching Interstellar. Took me an hour and a bit to walk home from Shibuya in the rain, which eerily reminds me of the time I watched Gravity back in London and having to take a long, contemplative walk back along the Thames after missing the last train...

Ah, the period after movies are a great time for introspection. So the walk did me good.

Although running on just 3 hours sleep prior to that for the whole day, I think I'd have preferred a late bus at least. Especially when it was raining. Nevertheless, a little memento of the event.

I'd honestly say more regarding the movie and it's aesthetic/scientific qualities, and how it ties in with my knowledge on the current theories in quantum physics. But that's far too overdone on the net, and I'm too exhausted now as I'd already discussed it with a few people (who graciously bombarded me with texts regarding it), so frankly I'm all talked out. Instead, I'll just quickly say here: it was a great movie of science fiction with excellent graphics as it's highlight, and a creative take on old, existing concepts.

Moving on from that!

A funny thing happened with me today. Walking back home, someone passed me this leaflet:

Image )

Which basically advertises the local English coffee lounge I pass every day, encouraging people to go and talk and learn English there with the staff. It was hilarious when I realized what it was. Clearly, the white dude thought I could do with English lessons. I didn't get time to back track as the leaflet was shoved in my face as I was rushing past before I could read it properly. I would've gone to him and asked if they had any places open for hire right there and then, but he had left before I could.

I never bothered to go into the venue before. 'English lounges' sounds fucking cheesy. Who knows though. I like meeting new people and I wouldn't mind teaching some English as a casual part-time. I guess I'll pop in next week to see.

Alright. I have more to say but I ramble so much. So I'm gonna sign off here. Good night everyone!

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