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Been busy this past week or so. Not much time to update let alone have the energy to sit down and type after I come back home. But, it's the weekend again, so I finally have a breather. This break won't last long though. Final exams are approaching - not that I'm much worried about that. I'm pretty confident with my ability, and have received largely top grades with a few exceptions.

Abigail is coming up from Australia next week, so I'll be looking forward to taking her round Tokyo for the few days she will be here before she moves on to other parts of Japan (lucky girl. I've been here much longer than her and hadn't the time to sight see outside of the city yet!)

Granted, I'd been choosing what little free time I had over the weekends recovering from the night boozes, classes, and recharging my social batteries. God, I miss the internet. I miss writing. I miss drawing. I even miss having a bash on games, but wary to get sucked into that again (not when I have shit to do.)

And fuck it. I miss England. I'd been missing London so much the past few days. I've stumbled across photos of snow covered London on Pinterest, of Oxford Street lit up with the annual Christmas decor, how I would be walking down that street every day to commute to university at this time...

I miss the Christmas market in South Bank and Leicester Square, I miss the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, I miss the taste of hot chocolate whilst sitting by a frosted window and a sketchbook on hand. I miss British-London Christmas more and more, greater yet that I missed the last one through university commitments and unfortunate situations, and knowing that I will miss this year too being so far away from everything I know. I'll have to try and make do with what I have here. As much as I like it here in Japan, their celebrations on Western holidays like Christmas are completely superficial and lacks the tradition. Christmas here is nothing but pretty lights and couples seeing each other like another Valentine's Day. 

I don't usually get nostalgia for small things as this, having never thought much of Christmas before. But at times like these, and going through a very rough and isolating past few years, I realize now how much I should cherish what I had, and how things that I had won't be there forever.

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