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No energy to blog properly today.... instead I'm spending my evening going gaga on Pinterest.

Also. Someone please drag me away from my Joker muse. Bastard has been dormant for 5 years and I rather it stay that way thank you, sir. 

(Doesn't mean I don't want to scratch the niggling itch.)

Fuck it. Now that I'm on the subject and lazily recovering in bed.

I'm really adverse to touching on old muses, especially as most of them had been unhealthy. I know that it's normal for a writer, actor, artist or whatever to get absorbed in their work from time to time. A lot of the work I had created comes with memories, some not so great and reflecting stages in my life I rather not think about.

These days I'm really content, so it's not a bother to me. But I'm piss scared whenever I start to gravitate back to these old memories, and either I succumb to or avoid it entirely, the latter being more likely.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I guess I'm just hoping someone else understands this attachment to muses and how much it can affect us, whether we like it or not.

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 I left this fic hanging for a very long time. I am ashamed I am very ashamed.

Someone give me an incentive for The Green Hornet. /screams

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